Pairendipity is Upfront


“We match! We match!” My 3 year old Sophia squealed with delight as she, her sister Julia, and I all put on our new Pairendipity shoes. Sophia then danced around the house in her new shoes, singing “Matching, matching, me love matching.” "I love seeing the excitement in my little girls eyes when they try to be “just like Mommy.” So when the boxes of matching shoes arrived, we were all thrilled."  Susan,

"I know from the time my daughter could stand she was trying on my shoe's, she has always had a desire to do as Mommy does so Pairendipity was a great choice for us. When our shoes arrived my daughter smiled from ear to ear showing off her shoes just like Moms." Chrystal,

"Every time we are about to go out the door, my Daughter gets excited and says, “Me and Mommy Shoes,” so there is no doubt they are a huge hit.  We went out to dinner on Saturday and of course, wore our shoes! I will admit that I thought matching shoes would be a bigger hit with my Daughter than myself, but I was so wrong.  I enjoy them just as much and recommend these 100% to Moms who want to share a fun connection while also wearing some great shoes. With 4 different color designs to choose from, there is something to fit every wardrobe and every matching-fun occasion!" Kristen,

"This is one of my pairs of shoes that Natalie won't steal of mine because she has her own!" Krystyn,

 I love the shoes and can personally attest to the fact that they are comfortable.  Jerzie is my picky pants and will only wear shoes if they are comfy for her and she too loves her Pairendipity shoes.  We got the Prima Aqua shoes and I love that even though they have color in them, they really go with anything.  They look great with jeans, with capris, with skirts and dresses even.  I can dress up jeans and a shirt or make my “LBD” (little black dress) a little more casual.  Jerzie looks so cute in hers and feels like such a big girl because she has shoes just like momma.  She also gets that connection with me throughout her day as she’s at school and I’m at work.  Just wearing the shoes reminds her of me."  Julianne,